Rio Rancho Observer
PUBLISHED: Wednesday, September 2, 2015 at 5:51 pm

It was a long shot, to be sure, that Sandoval Economic Alliance would successfully lure General Electric to relocate its corporate headquarters to Sandoval County.

And so it came as no great surprise when GE announced last week that our area didn’t make its short list of potential landing spots.

Credit SEA for making the attempt. And we hope, as SEA President and CEO Jami Grindatto said, there were some positive takeaways from the experience.

“We know what we need to work on,” he said, mentioning the need for better air travel as one example. “…We cannot let the foot off the gas as we continue to contact companies directly about what New Mexico does have to offer.”

SEA, in the year since its formation, has taken credit for the role it played in several expansions and more recently, retention of Aero Mechanical Industries. Last week, Grindatto disclosed that a lead SEA generated may land a company and 300 jobs, not in Sandoval County, but in Albuquerque, in part because the latter was better suited to its particular needs

We don’t disagree with Grindatto that in the end, the desire is to have new businesses and industries locate in New Mexico. SEA’s goal remains, however, attracting them to the Sandoval County area. We trust there will be leads heading this way as well.

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