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Blake Driver
PUBLISHED: March 15, 2016

The Metro New Mexico Development Alliance, an economic development organization representing several regions within the Albuquerque metropolitan statistical area, is getting ready to launch a cooperative digital marketing campaign and go live with an updated site selection Web portal. It will be branded as Ingenuity Central, in an effort to help promote areas that are sometimes overlooked when outside companies are considering the city as a place to relocate..

Tiffany Avery, director of communications and marketing for Sandoval Economic Alliance (SEA) who was recently named president of the metro alliance, said the nonprofit will spend about $1,000 per month of its roughly $16,000 annual budget for targeted, measurable and interactive ads. Those ads through online display channels will promote the whole metro area to manufacturing, back office and aviation and aerospace companies, mostly in central and northern California at first, as an inviting place to do business. The alliance has hired local ad agency AdHouse Advertising to handle the campaign.

Efforts like co-op marketing are precisely what the alliance was formed for about 10 years ago, said Avery. It picks up the promotion tab where its member organizations’ budgets fall short. The economic development organizations currently paying dues to Metro New Mexico, which fund its budget, include Sandoval Economic Alliance, Mid-Region Council of Governments, Albuquerque Economic Development, Village of Los Lunas, Estancia Valley Economic Development Association and the Greater Belen Economic Development Corp. Public Service Co. of New Mexico is also a major contributor to the alliance.

“So we can court bigger companies that we might not be able to attract normally,” Avery said.

The alliance’s new vice president, Albuquerque Economic Development director of communications and marketing Annemarie Henton, said the alliance’s board has expressed an interest in upping its digital marketing game.

“As an umbrella, as a metro area, what we’re trying to do is generate interest in our area, and by doing that, hopefully tip the scales up in terms of the amount of projects we get to get in front of and pitch for,” she said.

Henton said the alliance’s site selection portal, nmsitesearch.com, hasn’t been pulling its weight in terms of reaching potential clients, and it’s time for a makeover. Ingenuity Central, the new portal that will go live soon, aims to incorporate an “idea sharing” platform for area economic development organizations to publish insight into the metro area’s potential and needs.

“We all work together to try to bring people in, regardless of where their final stand is because it’s jobs for our metro area,” Henton said. “It’s investment for our metro area. And what’s good for one of us is good for all of us.”

Avery said SEA currently has 48 recruitment prospects in its pipeline, declining to provide details of the prospects. AED recently reported that the nonprofit opened 26 new leads in January.

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