Rio Rancho Observer
By Antonio Sanchez, Observer Staff Writer
PUBLISHED: Oct 8, 2016

BERNALILLO — More than 100 new jobs were announced last week as city and county officials recognized expansion efforts by businesses already in Sandoval County.

The announcement was made Monday at the El Zocalo Plaza and was organized by Sandoval County Office of Business Development and Tourism and the Sandoval Economic Alliance.

Ten businesses announced plans to expand, opening their doors to anywhere between two to 50 new jobs.

They are MCT Industries and Pfeifer Studio in Bernalillo; Insight Lighting, Gonstead Physical Medicine, Edit House Productions, MLS-ECS and the McDermott Athletic Center in Rio Rancho; Ideum in Corrales; Walatowa Timber in Jemez Pueblo; and Interfaith Leap in Pena Blanca.

MCT Industries, a designer and manufacturer of of integrated systems, metal products and mobile and mechanical systems plans the biggest expansion. Thaddeus Lucero of MCT said it will add 50 new jobs within the next five years and will expand its physical site by the end of the year.

Gonstead Physical Medicine followed MCT, announcing 30 new jobs at its site.

Bernalillo Mayor Jack Torres thanked SEA, saying it has helped push for job retention and expansion in Bernalillo and the county.

“Regionalism and partnerships are important for us to succeed,” Torres said. “The town’s been very fortunate.”

Torres said he was glad to see small businesses in the area expand, saying a company’s small improvements should never be overlooked.

“Sure, it’s OK to look for the grand slam, the Intels of the world, as it be, that hire lots of people from out of state, but so often we forget about those little businesses,” he said. “In a small community like ours, that’s what drives our economy, those are the people who push the economy forward day after day, month after month.”

Rio Rancho Mayor Gregg Hull, who was previously the president and CEO of Certified Packing and Crafting, said he understands the risk a company makes when deciding to expand.

“When you’re a small business, adding one employee can be an agonizing decision because you don’t know if you’re there yet,” he said. “You don’t know if you’re ready to make that commitment yet.”

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